Welcome to my new* responsive website.

It was designed by @n33co, but has been modified by myself from the FREE Read Only template available from his website HTML5UP.net. I'm still learning HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as a hobby but I maintain and update my site myself using Notepad++. I use it mainly to show people pictures and videos of things like computer and video games. It also has a few other things thrown in that interest me. Take a look around and don't forget to leave some feedback for me or even if you spot a broken link, contact me (link at the bottom of each page).


Ash ;]

Kickstarter Project 'Elite: Dangerous'
by Frontier Developments

Join me in pledging to the Kickstarter Project Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments.
Kickstarter ended on 4th Jan 2013 but you can still buy the game!
Visit elite.frontier.co.uk and pay via Paypal.

Pledge to Elite Dangerous on Kickstarter
Elite Dangerous