Welcome to my website.

It is designed by Andreas Viklund. Thanks Andreas ;) I maintain and update my site myself using HTML and CSS coded in Notepad++. I use it mainly to show people pictures and videos of things like computer and video games. It also has a few other things thrown in that interest me. Take a look around and dont forget to leave some feedback for me or even if you spot a broken link, contact me (link at the bottom of each page).


Ash ;]

Kickstarter Project 'Elite: Dangerous' by Frontier Developments

Join me in pledging to the Kickstarter Project Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments.
Kickstarter ended on 4th Jan 2013 but you can still buy the game!
Visit elite.frontier.co.uk and pay via Paypal.

Back Elite: Dangerous on Kickstarter

Back Elite: Dangerous on Kickstarter